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The Iberian lynx prefers heterogeneous environments of open grassland mixed with dense shrubs such as strawberry tree , mastic , and juniper , and trees such as holm oak and cork oak.

It is now largely restricted to mountainous areas. The Iberian lynx preys foremost on the European rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus for the bulk of its diet, supplemented by red-legged partridge , rodents and to a smaller degree also on wild ungulates.

It competes for prey with the red fox , the Egyptian mongoose Herpestes ichneumon and the wildcat. Also, it often kills other smaller carnivores such as the red fox , the Egyptian mongoose , and the Common genet Genetta genetta.

The Iberian lynx is smaller than its northern relatives, and typically hunts smaller animals, usually no larger than hares. It also differs in habitat choice, with Iberian lynx inhabiting open scrubland and Eurasian lynx inhabiting forests.

The Iberian lynx marks its territory with its urine , droppings left in existing tracks through the vegetation, and scratch marks on the barks of trees.

During the mating season the female leaves her territory in search of a male. The typical gestation period is about two months; the kittens are born between March and September, with a peak of births in March and April.

A litter consists of two or three rarely one, four or five kittens weighing between and grams 7. The kittens become independent at 7 to 10 months old, but remain with the mother until around 20 months old.

Survival of the young depends heavily on the availability of prey species. In the wild, both males and females reach sexual maturity at the age of one year, though in practice they rarely breed until a territory becomes vacant; one female was known not to breed until five years old when its mother died.

The maximum longevity in the wild is 13 years. Siblings become violent towards one another between 30 and 60 days, peaking at 45 days.

A kitten will frequently kill its littermate in a brutal fight. Others believe it is related to hierarchy, and " survival of the fittest ".

Difficulty in finding mates has led to more inbreeding, which results in fewer kittens and a greater rate of non-traumatic death.

The Iberian lynx has been downlisted from critically endangered species to endangered species thanks to reintroduction and other conservation actions.

Its small population makes the cat especially vulnerable to extinction from sudden random events such as a natural disaster or disease.

The Iberian lynx and its habitat are fully protected, and they are no longer legally hunted. Threats include habitat loss, vehicle strikes, poisoning, feral dogs, illegal poaching, and occasional outbreaks of feline leukemia.

In the 20th century, rabbit diseases such as myxomatosis and hemorrhagic disease resulted in a dramatic decline of its main prey; [33] outbreaks have been reported into the s.

The cat was estimated to number 3, in , [43] about in , less than in , and possibly as few as in March The total population was estimated to be 99 to adults, including the La Mancha population.

Beginning in , the Iberian lynx was reintroduced into Guadalmellato , resulting in a population of 23 in On 26 November , 8 Iberian lynxes were released into Toledo, Spain ; one of them traveled near Madrid , the first time in 40 years.

The presence of Iberian lynxes in Portugal, particularly in the south, has been verified. The reintroduction of Iberian lynx in Portugal has been a success; from 17 animals that were reintroduced, 12 have already established territories.

Since a outbreak of feline leukemia virus FeLV , wild lynxes are tested periodically for possible disease. September—December samples were negative for FeLV but one male became the first of his species to test positive for feline immunodeficiency virus FIV and was placed into quarantine.

In , the Jerez Zoo confirmed it had three females and was developing a plan for a captive breeding program. In March , it was reported that 27 kittens had been born since the beginning of the program.

There were 14 surviving kittens in and 15 in In March , it was reported that Iberian lynx embryos and oocytes had been collected and preserved for the first time.

Iberian lynx can be observed in captivity only at the Jerez Zoo, [76] since December at the Lisbon Zoo , [77] and since July at the Madrid Zoo. In August , researchers announced that the genome of the Iberian lynx had been sequenced.

Researchers believe this may be a consequence of decreasing population sizes and isolation. The researchers suggested bringing the two groups together in order to lessen the degree of inbreeding.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Iberian lynx Conservation status. Iberian lynx hunting common quail Coturnix coturnix. Retrieved 29 October Journal of Archaeological Science.

Ten years conserving the Iberian lynx. Pleistocene Mammals of Europe. Wild cats of the World. University of Chicago Press.

Archived from the original on 24 July Wildlife Biology in Practice. Materia Ciencia in Spanish. Archived from the original on 6 January Science of the Total Environment.

Jazz e Joaninha, que nasceram em Silves em , foram hoje libertados na Andaluzia" [Iberian lynx: Jazz and Joaninha, who were born in Silves in , were released today in Andalusia].

Archived from the original on 30 June The University of Adelaide. El Economista in Spanish. El Mundo in Spanish.

Retrieved 27 June Retrieved 12 April Europa Press in Spanish. Archived from the original on 31 December Retrieved 5 September Retrieved 11 July The twins toured Europe in the summer of , performing at events for white nationalist organizations.

They also appeared as guests on The Political Cesspool. The duo had strong ties to the National Vanguard organization, a "white nationalist" group formed by disaffected former members of the National Alliance.

Their ideology has been described as racist and white supremacist by mainstream media outlets. According to ABC News , the girls were homeschooled by their mother, April Gaede, an activist and writer for the white nationalist organization National Vanguard.

They have also been criticized for stipulating that goods they donated to Hurricane Katrina victims should go only to white people: We were little kids.

Despite this, they still made statements that were skeptical about elements of the Holocaust. Pierce , which was written by Lamb, is "Sacrifice".

Another song, "Gone With the Breeze," is dedicated to Mathews. The cover songs on their album invoke ideas like Valhalla and Vinland , taken from Norse mythology and sagas.

Several songs, including "Victory Day," refer to a holy war waged under the banner of Creativity. The lyrics to their song "The Stranger" are taken from a Rudyard Kipling poem of the same name.

Prussian Blue also released a cover of a song called "Ocean of Warriors" in mp3 format, dedicated to white participants in the Sydney, Australia race rioting.

Prussian Blue appeared in two British television documentaries. This documentary stressed the tension that existed between the twins and their mother, April.

Lynx told Quinn that they wore the infamous T-shirts bearing a smiley face that resembled Adolf Hitler because she believed they "were a joke" and said that "being proud of being white" did not mean she was a racist.

A article in the UK newspaper The Daily Mirror reported that the girls hold more liberal views than the politics they promoted through their music in their early teens.

The twins support the legalization of marijuana. Lamb, now going by the name Lamb Lingelser, announced on her blog that she has had a child with her boyfriend Ryan Smart.

Her daughter, Oslo Iverson Smart, was born on December 12, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the color and iron—cyanide complex, see Prussian blue.

For the breed of cat, see Russian Blue. For other uses, see Prussian Blue disambiguation. Please see the relevant discussion on the discussion page.

The page should not be moved unless the discussion is closed ; summarizing the consensus achieved in support of the move. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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